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Kloudlearn leverages AI to deliver personalized learning experiences and automated content recommendations to help learn skills that matter. Watch a demo video

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KloudLearn delivers a fantastic solution for skills assesment and training.

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KloudLearn has been able to demonstrate high learning ROI

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KloudLearn is a high engagement training tool that has worked well for us.

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KloudLearn social learning has really helped our team view training solutions in positive light.

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A fast paced growth meant that our training was struggling to keep up. KloudLearn help us scale our training efforts.

What is a Personal Learning Cloud

KloudLearn was built on 4 foundational principles to deliver high engagement training

Learning must be social

The platform enables the organic and planned formation of teams and cohorts of learners with the learning and interaction happening in a shared, social environment.

Learning must be Contextual

The platform enables learners to pick up knowledge assets that are pertinent to their jobs and one that they can immediately apply so that there is positive ROI for employee and employer.

Learning must be Personalized

mployees can pursue the skills development program or practice that is right for them, at their own pace, using media that are optimally suited to their particular learning style and work environment.

Training must be well managed with credentialed outcomes

Learning outcomes can be transparently tracked, credentialed, managed and monitored to deliver ongoing value to employer and employee.

How do organizations use KloudLearn

KloudLearn can be used for a variety of use cases

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Skill mapping, skill assesment and targeted training

KloudLearn provides all the tools necessary to define skill maps, assess learners and deliver personalized training programs based on the gaps identified.

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Employee onboarding and ongoing training

With KloudLearn you can quickly setup a training with predefined rules that delivers an ongoing learning path for your employees. Setup once even for ongoing employee training

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Self paced gamified learning

With KloudLearn's social platform, it is easy to deliver a highly gamified self paced learning solution. KloudLearn can also provide a curated list of content on thousands of topics for learners to help you get started instantly.

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Extract learning insights with custom reporting

A completely customizable reporting solution allows learning administrators to dig deep to figure out what is working and what's not working.

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E-Learning Resources

Some e-learning resources to help jumpstart your L&D effort.

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