Build a culture of Learning with KloudLearn.

KloudLearn is your organization's personal learning cloud.

KloudLearn provides a powerful, intuitive platform together with collaborative, social features helping build a team with skills that matter.

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The Problem: Delivering training, and building a culture of learning is hard.

Most training solutions fall flat due to clunky software with poor engagement.

Our Solution: KloudLearn Personal Learning Cloud

KloudLearn solves this problem by providing a social, contextual personal learning cloud together with support for live video based instructor led training.


Social learning provides a competitive environment for learning. It also provides a great way to share and collaborate.

Lisa M

Just completed course: Microservices (+25 points)


Heather Rudd

Shared a new course to group feed.


James Smith

Created new course "Sales best practices"



KloudLearn provides personalized recommendations based on individual skill goals and those courses which have been assigned by the trainers.

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An introduction to data structures
20 Aug 2018
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20 June 2018
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Sales training course
20 May 2019

Live training

With KloudLearn - you can run Live instructor led training with automated recording and publishing within the learning platform.

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Platform Features

Best in class learning management system features

KloudLearn's features and an intuitive, modern interface sets it apart

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Modern intuitive interface

KloudLearn's simple and intuitive learning interface makes for a great experience - for learner and trainers.

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Simple course authoring

Create courses in seconds with simplified course authoring solution. Manage course assignment and track progress with ease.

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Built in Live-stream, video webinar software

KloudLearn comes built in with livestreaming video and web conferencing software to deliver live,instructor led training.

Use cases for KloudLearn

The following are standard use cases for KloudLearn

Employee Training

KloudLearn provides all the features to run successful on-boarding programs, compliance training or ongoing employee training. KloudLearn is also a perfect fit for technology trainig with its free technology content library.

Sales & Customer Success Training

KloudLearn helps you build successful sales & customer success teams.
Make your teams practice sales pitches and provide accesss to resources that help them understand your product better.

Customer / Partner Training

KloudLearn provides all the tools to build customer or partner training portals.
Build beautiful training courses and publish on a public facing website.

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"KloudLearn is the best e-learning platform that I have used. The solution is highly engaging and is able to provide a compelling learning experience."

Michael Thomas - L&D Manager, Leading Product Company

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