Tools to create or import rich content

Import any video, PDF and office documents instantly.

One click import of any file allows import of any kind of relevant content.

Built in content viewer allows learners to quickly view standalone assets.

Youtube imports and embeds

Easily import and embed youtube videos

Build Rich Text Articles

Quickly create rich text articles with a built in text editor.

Articles can contain videos,images and other embedded resoures.

Video recording and screen casting

A built in editor allows instant video recording and screen casting.

Learners can also create quick instructional videos that allow screen and video to be shared simultaneously.

Build Quizes to drive assesments

KloudLearn supports the ability to create quiz to build assesments as a part of courses.

Other Features

Public Courses

Publish courses on your website in seconds allowing anyone to view the content without having to authenticate themselves.

Time Tracking

KloudLearn tracks the time you spent on learning so that you can apply your timespent towards your learning points.

Create Private or Public notes

Notes can be created privately, or to share it publicly with the rest of the team.

Notes replay

Note replay automatically replays notes / annotations on videos at the timestamp where the annotations were saved against the video.

View completions and enrollements

Enrollments and completions allow both learner and admin to understand the course adoption within a social feed.

Review mode and Note Replay

Review mode enables course notes to be studied in an expanded view.

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