Improve collaboration with a Feature rich Course player


Add notes and annotations

Add notes or annotations with all types of content. Annotations are contextually tagged on videos with timestamp.

Click on timestamps to navigate to a specific location in the video.


Progress tracking, Completions and more

KloudLearn's new course player now tracks time spent and progress tracking allowing you to resume where you left off and apply your timespent towards your learning goals.

Completion settings allow users to marking learning assets and courses as completed.

Mobile Learning Features

KloudLearn provides a fully responsive course player to enable learning on the go.

Users can also initiate the mobile course experience with one click from their reminder email.


Platform Features

Content library

A ready made content library helps you to start delivering training instantly

Social Learning

Social platform drives high engagement learning learning environment

Gamified Platform

Badges, certifications and points on skills deliver gamified learning

Course and content authoring

Quickly create content and author content with KloudLearn

Learning on the Go

Mobile clients help with learning on the go

Rich Course Player

Annotations on courses help with contextual learning

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