KloudLearn Frequently Asked Questions

KloudLearn is a modern and intuitive learning platform. KloudLearn helps to train teams, employee on-boarding and sales training.

  1. What kind of content can be added within KloudLearn
  2. You can add videos, powerpoint docs, pdfs, word documents, create rich text articles, record screen casts and much more.

  3. Is there a limitation on the number of assets or courses that can be created
  4. There is no limit to assets or courses.

  5. What is an asset, lesson and a course?
  6. An asset is any learning material like a video, document, pdf or any content that you create from within KloudLearn.

    A lesson contains one or more assets.

    A course contains one or more lessons.

  7. How long I can record in kloudlearn?
  8. There are no limitations in recording with kloudlearn, you can record as much as you want depending on the disk space available in your device.

  9. How do I publish my Live streaming videos in KloudLearn?
  10. All livestreams are automatically recorded and stored in the Livestream section.

  11. How many users are supported in the free account
  12. At this moment of time, there's no limit to the number of users in the free account.