Adding Assets

What is an asset?
An asset is a resource or your content which is used for training purposes. Certain collections of Learning materials are called as a Learning asset. It can be anything or in any format, powerpoint, a word document or a set of videos.

How to add your assets into KloudLearn?

Click the “Add” button to add learning assets to your workspace.

The add option provides various suboptions including

Upload files: You can upload files of the following formats - video, image, ppt, pdf or word documents, upload files without limits. These uploaded files will be added into your assets,you can upload, view, edit and share the files. Apart from that, an asset can also contain a quiz or an article which you create and you can also import Youtube videos into your assets.

Upload folder: You can upload a folder full of content by selecting the upload folder. This is the simplest way to upload large files into the assets instantly. Open the assets library “click on” to the “upload folder”. Select files or folders on your computer and upload the folder onto the asset library page. You can easily upload a buck content at a time into your assets, for a quicker processing its recommended to upload a file less than 500mb at a time.