KloudLearn is a modern and intuitive learning platform. KloudLearn helps to train teams, employee on-boarding and sales training.

Getting started

Kloudlearn provides a better way to train and learn, it is the only platform that delivers online learning and live video training to help build a culture of learning within your company.

KloudLearn enables you to build and deliver training solutions to meet compliance and goals. It is a great tool for your human resources teams to ensure that existing employees receive continuous quarterly training for their goals. KloudLearn is the right solution for your business.

Who uses KloudLearn

Organizations can use KloudLearn for training purposes. The organization can create their own courses for employee onboarding process or use existing courses in the kloudlearn.It can also be used for the IT training process as well.

If your organization is seriously looking for a training option to train its employees or customers then its recommended using. Online training can be used in conjunction with your current training process or it can even be replaced completely. There are various benefits that you experience when you move to online training such as: efficient and well- organized training experience, reduced cost, timesaving and comprehensible user reports on who was trained in what. There are a few scenarios in which you might find it handy: the Live streaming which you can record live and can be saved for later view or discussions.

Main features

  • Asset management - add multiple types of assets including videos, youtube videos, office docs and pdf docs.
  • Video Recording - Record videos and screen casts and make it a part of your learning material.
  • Course creation - create your courses using an interactive course authoring tool
  • Livestreaming - Launch live video streams
  • Webinars - Launch multi-party web conferences from within KloudLearnc