Create a Live Session

KloudLearn enables you to deliver live training with automated recording and publishing. A Livestream video is one where there is only one person creating/recording the video and it is delivered live. Other viewers like Learners can join on a view only mode.
How to create a live stream?
Go to live-stream and click on create a live stream. Fill up the information as necessary, and copy the stream key/URL. Download a software called obs (link here) which is an open source streaming software.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free and open-source streaming and recording program maintained by the OBS Project. The program has support for Window 7 and later, macOS 10.10 and later, and Ubuntu 14.04 and later thus it would be easy for getting access too. In kloudlearn, you use OBS software to do live streaming, which is absolutely free and easy to use software for quality live streaming.

OBS user Interface

The main user interface is structured into five sections:

  • Scenes
  • Sources
  • audio mixer
  • Transitions
  • Controls

Scenes are the category of sources like live and recorded video, text including audio. The mixer panel helps the user mute the audio, and adjust the volume through virtual faders, and apply effects by pressing the cog wheel which is next to the mute button. The control panel has options for starting/stopping a stream or recording, a button to transform OBS to a more professional Studio Mode (see below), a button for opening the settings menu and a button to exit from the program. The upper section has a live video preview, used to monitor and edit the current scene. The user interface can be switched to a dark or light theme depending on what the user prefers. This below-given link will help to know more about how OBS studio works,

Using OBS

Once you have installed and opened OBS - you will see a screen like the below. Within OBS., select settings and

  • Paste Stream Key
  • Paste Stream URL.
Now you’re ready to live stream either your screen, camera or both. What you are going to stream is decided by the sources section on OBS. You can add video, desktop screen sharing or both, select areas which will get displayed and click on start streaming. Once you start streaming, KloudLearn will immediately begin to deliver your live stream within the “Livestreams” section publicly within your company.