Deliver effective employee training and onboarding

Kloudlearn comes with all the bells and whistles to deliver effective onboarding and training.

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Intuitive course authoring tool

KloudLearn comes with a simple yet powerful course authoring tool allowing you to create highly interactive courses in minutes.

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Evaluations, Grading station and Analytics

KloudLearn enables evaluation through quizzes, video and text questions and an evaluation of learners through a comprehensive grading station.

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Various content formats supported

KloudLearn comes with support for a wide variety of content formats - PDF, Text Articles, Videos, Youtube Embeds, Powerpoint presentations and more.

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Mobile Support

KloudLearn enables learning from any device thanks to a responsive user interface that supports any mobile device.

Responsive mobile course player with notes / annotations support.

Watch a video, read a pdf and take notes while you do it. Keep notes private or make it public. Watch notes being replayed as the video progresses.

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Build quizzes, ask text and video questions and more

With KloudLearn, you get powerful tools to run quiz based evaluations, ask text response questions, video questions.

KloudLearn is perfect for sales, compliance and ongoing employee training.

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The only platform with support for Live instructor led training

KloudLearn supports built-in livestreaming and web-conferencing with automated recording so that you can deliver townhalls, live training and more.

Livestream video

KloudLearn supports livestreaming allowing trainers to conduct video webcasts. All training is automatically recorded.

Publishing on public websites

KloudLearn allows you to publish courses on public websites.

Web Conferencing

KloudLearn provides built-in ability to conduct web conferences that allow multiple interactive participants.