Kloudlearn is the best tool to deliver high quality employee training

Kloudlearn includes all the bells and whistles to get going with employee training, quickly and easily.

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We're passionate about making training easy for you

KloudLearn was to make training a breeze and comes with best in class features to empower your organization's training and development leaders.

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The only platform with support for Live instructor led training

KloudLearn supports built-in livestreaming and web-conferencing with automated recording so that you can deliver townhalls, live training and more.

Livestream video

KloudLearn supports livestreaming allowing trainers to conduct video webcasts. All training is automatically recorded.

Publishing on public websites

KloudLearn allows you to publish courses on public websites.

Web Conferencing

KloudLearn provides built-in ability to conduct web conferences that allow multiple interactive participants.