KloudLearn powers Gamified learning programs

Empower your learners with gamification where learning is rewarded as the learner makes progress.


All content has skills and points

KloudLearn ensures that all of your content is tagged with relevant skills and points. Points indicate the approximate effort required to complete amounting to 1 point per hour of learning.


Organize users in social groups

Users are then organanized in related groups so that the content recommendations can flow through these groups of similar learners.


Badge Templates

KloudLearn provides ready made templates for groups so that badges can reward learners who meet certain goals. With badges, you can modify existing template as per your needs. & ensure that badges are issued based on the limits that you set. Typically badges are issued whenever user crosses a set threshhold of points against one more more skills. for quality.


Generate badges and notify users

KloudLearn automatically generate badges and notify users of badges on groups encouraging competition between learners. Learners are also notified via email, and via newsfeed notifications.

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