Java Developer

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Job Description

KloudLearn Inc, a bay area based cloud consulting startup is looking for Java engineers.

The Java engineer will be required to:

  • Collaborate with the team to contribute to one or more java microservices.
  • Leverage open source components including API gateways, service discovery tools etc to build microservices that are resilient.
  • Contribute to the continous integration (CI) cycle as well as Continous deployment cycle (CD) to deliver an automated integration-deployment cycle.
  • Learn (in the absence existing skills) in Docker and Kubernetes to deploy dynamic and elastic containerized applications to the cloud.
  • Required to deploy / maintain cross cloud applications on GCP and AWS.
  • Of course the primary roles and responsibilities are for Java but technologists who specialize in more than one language are welcome.
  • You will be assessed for strong fundamentals, data structures knowledge and skills in a programming language of your choice, however the job requires you to become proficient in Java.
  • This position is based in our State of the art technology center in India.
  • We're an equal opportunity employer in India. We provide opportunities to people of all backgrounds.
  • We do not mandate having an engineering degree, but you must demonstrate programming and problem solving proficiency while applying for this job.