Deliver highly engaging technology training

KloudLearn provides an engaging platform with free technology content where engineers can share learning, set goals, and learn.

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Embed third party terminals or code editors

KloudLearn makes it easy to embed any third party code editor or terminals (such as to make it a part of the learning experience.

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Train with a variety of content

Add any content - Youtube videos, videos, articles and web links and make it a part of your training program

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Anyone in your team can create courses easily.

KloudLearn can be used by anyone to create courses with as simple as a single click and assign them as required training courses

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Measure what's working (and what's not)

In depth metrics tell you what's really being used and working allowing you to improve as your organization grows

Free, creative commons Content

KloudOne comes prepackaged with free, creative commons technology content on various technology subjects like:

  • Kubernetes & Docker
  • AWS & Google Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Jenkins
  • Terraform
  • And more to help you start your training programs in minutes.

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Creative common courses

Kloudlearn's courses can be published publicly as shown in the example below.

Deliver Instructor Led Live Training with KloudLearn

KloudLearn is the only platform that supports built-in live video features.

Livestream video

KloudLearn supports livestreaming allowing trainers to conduct video webcasts. All training is automatically recorded.

Publishing on public websites

KloudLearn allows you to setup beautiful web pages to publish your training.

Web Conferencing

KloudLearn provides built-in ability to conduct web conferences that allow multiple interactive participants.