Full Featured LMS

KloudLearn provides a full featured LMS for employee onboarding, compliance or sales training


SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compliant

Upload SCORM courses and get started in minutes

Click on timestamps to navigate to a specific location in the video.


Indepth analytics and engagement metrics

Kloudlearn tracks engagement at the course level to ensure that L&D managers get insights into the learning patterns of their teams.

Track attempts, marks scored, percentage of completions, lesson completion status, active days, learning time spent and more at real-time across your organization, on specific courses or for specific users and groups.

Assesment engine

KloudLearn provides a full blown assesment engine that allows learning administrators to create assesments quickly and easily. Create questionnaires - single answer, multiple choice, text answer or video questions quickly and easily. Add questions in bulk, review completion progress, set target scores on quizzes for course completion and ensure that courses are only completed when users meet the required quiz / assessment scores.

Role Based Access (RBAC)

You can either apply predefined roles which include restricted learner experiences, or create custom roles to enforce access permissions based on your orgnization's needs.

Onboard users using email ids, mobile phone numbers and more

You can choose to onboard your global workforce either through email ids, or using mobile phone numbers (in which case all notifications will be automatically sent using SMS).
Phone numbers is especially useful for a highly mobile global workforce and gig economy workers such as delivery partners.

Mobile experience using Mobile Web and Native Android App

Kloudlearn supports Native Android and Mobile Web learning experience

Push notifications (on app) are deep linked so that users can resume on reminders with one click.

The mobile experience can be restrictive (assigned courses only) or a full blown newsfeed experience allowing for gamification using badges, alerts and interactive social learning.

Other Features


Bring your courses to life with Badges, Points and Leaderboards.

Push Notifications

Automated push notifications (in app and SMS) remind users of their assigned courses, and other social engagement nudging users to spend more time learning

Create Private or Public notes

Notes can be created privately, or to share it publicly with the rest of the team.

Notes replay

Note replay automatically replays notes / annotations on videos at the timestamp where the annotations were saved against the video.

View completions and enrollements

Enrollments and completions allow both learner and admin to understand the course adoption within a social feed.

Review mode

Review mode enables course notes to be studied in an expanded view.

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