Learning Experience Platform

Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to drive Autonomous learning within your organization


Autonomous learning

Kloudlearn empowers L&D administrators to launch fully autonomous, self paced learning programs that allow individuals to continously upskill themselves based on the needs of their jobs.

Skills taxonomy

Skills taxonomy and skills library

Kloudlearn comes built in with dozens of standard roles, related skills including full taxonomy to help deliver skill based learning.

Social Feed

KloudLearn provides a social learning platform that enables learners to discover what each other are learning, engage with other learners and compete learning assets to participate in a competitive learning environment.

Users can also share content that they found interesting, tag content with skills and more using the social feed.

Curated Content Library

KloudLearn LXP comes built in with hundreds of thousands of pieces of curated content across standard topics. Users need to just select their roles, and the skills that they wish to acquire in order to start learning.

Gamification - Badges, Points, Group Nudges and Certifications

Kloudlearn supports gamified learning using badges, certificates and nudges that are generated automatically as learners in group progress through their learning journeys.

Other Features


Bring your courses to life with Badges, Points and Leaderboards.

Push Notifications

Automated push notifications (in app and SMS) remind users of their assigned courses, and other social engagement nudging users to spend more time learning

Create Private or Public notes

Notes can be created privately, or to share it publicly with the rest of the team.

Notes replay

Note replay automatically replays notes / annotations on videos at the timestamp where the annotations were saved against the video.

View completions and enrollements

Enrollments and completions allow both learner and admin to understand the course adoption within a social feed.

Review mode

Review mode enables course notes to be studied in an expanded view.

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