Best in class Features

Kloudlearn stands apart by solving the problem of learning engagement using simple and intuitive solutions.

KloudLearn Key Features

Given below are key features of KloudLearn

Support for Video, Youtube Videos

KloudLearn supports all type of video files as learning assets. KloudLearn also supports embeddable Youtube videos.

Support for Video Recording and screen casting

KloudLearn has built in support for video recording and screencasting allowing you to record your session and save it as a part of a learning course.

Support for office documents and pdf

KloudLearn supports a wide variety of office documents including PDFs.

Support for Interactive quiz

You can test the participants with interactive quiz with multiple types of answers.

One click publishing

KloudLearn enables you to publish content (courses, assets) as publicly shareable content with just one click.

Easy course creation

Course creation is super simple with KloudLearn. Select multiple assets (files) and click on create course.

Publicly embeddable course player.

KloudLearn supports public courses that can be embedded as a player on any external site.

Assignment and and learner mobile experience

Courses can be assigned or self enrolled. Course reminders are sent automatically via email. Users can play courses with one click on their mobile phones

Fine grained access control

Users can be divided into groups for fine grained access to content.

Analytics - user summary report

Provides a summary view of all users within a group or within the organization including the engagement metrics

Analytics - User report

Provides specific information about a particular user.

Analytics - Course Summary report

Provides a birds eye view of the courses that have been setup by collaborators and the level of engagement each of the courses has.

Includes a seamless mobile experience

KloudLearn provides a seamless mobile experience for learners, together with other features that are essential for a successful LMS implementation.


Privacy settings allow you to set content as private, or visible to selected group of users.

Bulk Invites

Kloudlearn allows administrators and trainors to invite users in bulk

Course Assignment

As a content admin, you can assign courses to specific users or groups.

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Create groups

Create groups of users by function to manage them more easily

Frictionless course enrollment on mobile

With KloudLearn, administrators can assign courses to send frictionless mobile invites enabling learners to play courses with one clic

Individual file and course level restrictions

KloudLearn allows for fine grained permission control to each asset and course.

Deliver Instructor Led Live Training with KloudLearn

KloudLearn is the only platform that supports built-in live video features.

Livestream video

KloudLearn supports livestreaming allowing trainers to conduct video webcasts. All training is automatically recorded.

Publishing on public websites

KloudLearn allows you to setup beautiful web pages to publish your training.

Web Conferencing

KloudLearn provides built-in ability to conduct web conferences that allow multiple interactive participants.