Skill based Learning

All learning assets have skills and points which get attributed to the user upon the completion.

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Skill driven learning
to help build skills that matter.

KloudLearn provides a premapped library of roles, skills and related content making it easy users to follow a focused learning path.

Roles mapped to skills

By enabling role mapping to skills, you will automatically get recommendations on what to learn based on your role

Learning assets are mapped to skills

Skills are mapped to roles and all learning assets. This ensures that learners are recommended with skills and the content that relates to each skill.

Points quantify learning

Points on each learning asset enable you to quantify the amount of time spent learning particular skills.


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Four Principle Tenets
to drive high engagement learning.


Learners pursue learning at their own pace


Encouraging learning in groups


Helping learn the skills that matter


Learning outcomes can be transparently tracked & credentialed