Learning is better together

Social Learning is a process whereby we interact and contribute to our environment while playing an important role in it. KloudLearn delivers social learning by organizing learners in groups and providing them with social feed.


Learners can self organize in Groups

Groups enable isolation of learning subjects by individual groups. Anyone can create a group, or join an (open) group.

Any group assignments, deadlines and notifications are automatically published on the group feed.


Social feed provides nudges to learn

Feed items are extremely informative informing the user about the skills that can be acquired as well as who has completed it.

Likes, badges, replies etc also provide additional social signals to increase interest.

Involve in engaging conversations

Learners can reply to feed items. Replies can be rich, including actual content that is embedded as a part of the conversation.

Threaded conversations help improve engagement between users on a particular learning topic.

Leaderboard and badges

As learners engage with the social feed and complete content, users compete with each other to earn top spot on the leaderboard.

Additionally badges appear on the newsfeed based user accomplishments.

Social Features

Social feeds based on Groups

Each organizational group has their own social feed enabling interation between learners with similar goals

Share any content on social feed

Users can share existing content or discover new content and share it with peers on social feed


Badges are delivered to learners based on completion points assigned to learning assets (and skills).

Fine grained permissions on feed items

All feed posted items have fine grained permissions to enable control (to delete / modify) content.

Share, like and reply

Users can share content that they like, highlight (or like) items and engage in conversations on shared items

Rich Course Player

Annotations on courses help with contextual learning

Four Principle Tenets
to drive high engagement learning.


Learners pursue learning at their own pace


Encouraging learning in groups


Helping learn the skills that matter


Learning outcomes can be transparently tracked & credentialed


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